Wine Adventurer

You’re a vineyard pro.  You and your friends have been on wine trips to Napa, Europe, Virginia, etc, and now you’re curious to see what North Carolina has to offer… 

Saturday 9/08


Meet your tour driver at the grocery store parking lot, and head out to wine country!


Make your first stop at Shadow Springs Vineyard.  After finishing your tasting, stroll out to the porch and take in the natural beauty of the vineyard while debating over which wine was the best.



Head down the road to Windsor Run Cellars.  The brave among your group should spring for the fortified tasting, while everyone else can enjoy Windsor’s collection of classic reds and whites.



For lunch, drive out to the little town of Jonesville, NC.  While dining options here may be pretty limited, there are a couple hidden gems to be found.  Check out Generations, and remember what your mama told you - don’t judge a book by its cover!



Make your way back to the Swan Creek for the second half of your wine adventure to go see Charles atop the mountain at Dobbins Creek Vineyards.  Be sure not to miss his Dry Riesling, and marvel at the rolling hills below (you should probably get a few pics for Facebook too).



Cap off your busy day with the country charm of Laurel Gray Vineyards.  With plenty of places to sit down and relax, Laurel Grey makes for a great destination to wind down and relish those final sips before heading back to the real world.

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