Romantic Getaway

your love for one another is stronger than the trunk of a 20 year old grapevine, and you’re looking for a fun new date you’ll remember for years to come…



Saturday 5/13


Wake up late, roll out of bed and make bae a nice latte complete with a milk-foam heart.  Get ready for the day, and put together a hearty picnic lunch the two of you will enjoy later.




Arrive at Shadow Springs and inform your love that the two of you have officially become parents, as you have just adopted a beautiful Chardonnay vine.  Grab a bottle (of Chardonnay obviously), and head out to the vineyard with your picnic gear to meet your new child and enjoy some quality family time.




After spending the afternoon picnicking at Shadow Springs, head down the road to WRC Distillery and catch the 2:00pm tour & tasting.  First up on the tasting sheet is our White Widow - this distresses you.  You can’t imagine the thought of losing your partner, so you knock it back quickly and clear your mind (and palate) with an animal cracker.  You have fully recovered after tasting the Killer Bee.




Finish up at the distillery and walk 50 feet over to the Windsor Run tasting room.  After your long hard day of eating and drinking, you’re ready to relax.  You opt for the fortified tasting after your educational experience at the distillery and savor every drop - especially the Honeymoon wine.  For some reason, it reminds you of the Bahamas.