Escape the City

you’re urban and urbane - closing deals by day and shutting down the bars at night.  Your work-hard-play-hard lifestyle hasn’t caught up with you quite yet, but everyone needs a little change of pace here and there…


Saturday 6/29


While eating breakfast, you gaze out your apartment window at the tired city streets below and think to yourself, “I need to get some fresh air today”.  You look across the room, see your bike hung up on its rack, and inspiration strikes.




By 10am, you’ve parked your crossover SUV at Shadow Springs, unloaded your bicycle, and are 2 miles into your very own Tour de NC.  Don’t worry, whether you’re just losing your training wheels or training for an Ironman, there will be plenty to see along your route.




Ride over to the amish Shilo General Store for a hearty sandwich lunch.  Watch the horse drawn carriages pass by as you enjoy your food out on the porch, and appreciate the fact that you’re not sitting in traffic today.




Pedal one more mile down to Windsor Run where you can cool off and rehydrate.  Speaking of hydration, wine bottles will fit pretty well into your bike’s water cages.




Walk down to the WRC Distillery for the 2pm tour & tasting.  As you learn a little about this region’s history in moonshining and bootlegging, you hear a fellow tour-taker jokingly whisper in your ear, “you ain’t in the city no more boy”.




Leave the distillery and ride half a mile back to Shadow Springs.  Enjoy the rest of your afternoon by hanging out inside the gazebo or up on the sun porch, sipping on some strawberry wine.