Visiting In-Laws

you love your in-laws, but sometimes they can drive you up a wall.  They’re in town for 3 days - today is day 3, and you are starting to go insane.  You need to get away fast, so you devise a crafty plan: “why don’t we all go wine tasting today” you suggest…


Saturday 8/25


Arrive at Shadow Springs with your crew.  While your mother-in-law is distracted by all our fun gift stuff, your phone starts to ring.  You tell everyone, “ooh this is my boss I better take it” and step away. Really, the phone call is from your buddy waiting for you out in the parking lot.  After a few minutes, walk back over to your extended family and say, “looks like there was a problem with our TPS report this week, I’m gonna have to sort this out.  Why don’t you all just go ahead without me, and I’ll catch up later - Chuck told me I could use his office”. Before they have a chance to protest, turn away and yell something into the phone.  You did it, you’ve escaped.




Jump in your friend’s car and sneak over to WRC Distillery for the 12pm tour & tasting.  Lucky for you, our NC distillery lobbyists managed to add a rider onto the 2017 Brunch Bill now allowing you to purchase up to five bottles per year on-site.  You may need more than just one to get through tonight.




Time for lunch.  Odds are, your unsuspecting in-laws are over at the Shilo General Store eating lunch and admiring the beautiful Amish furniture.  You should probably just grab a sandwich from the local Subway.




Continue your vacation by circling back to Shadow Springs, where you and your friend can take a load off and drink some wine slushies in peace.  Pro tip: ask for a mixture of the two flavors on tap.




Finally, it’s time to say goodbye to your friend and rejoin the rest of your family over at Windsor Run.  The world looks a little brighter now, and you’re ready to tackle the final stretch before your in-laws head out of town tomorrow - sanity restored.