Tasting room

Our tasting room sits at the perfect spot, overlooking the entire vineyard grounds.  The 5,000 square foot facility was built in 2007 and offers all of modern life's necessities (complementary Wifi, satellite TV, indoor plumbing) in the heart of rural North Carolina.  We serve most customers from our upstairs bar, but don't miss the other parts of this beautiful building.


Outdoor patio

The outdoor patio is the perfect place to share a bottle of wine on a nice sunny day.  Stay a little longer and spread a picnic blanket out on the lawn or spend some quality time out in our little gazebo.


downstairs bar

With seating for 50 and a catering kitchen just one door away, our downstairs bar is well equipped to handle all of your special event needs.  We've hosted weddings, large group tastings, and even business meetings from this space.  Contact us if you're interested in setting up a special event.