It all started when...

Chuck missed one too many of his sons' baseball games.  He decided to "retire" from his corporate job and chase the classic executive's dream: starting your own vineyard.

Shadow Springs Vineyard was born in April of 2005 when four acres of Merlot and Cabernet Franc were planted on a plot of old Tobacco land.  Today, the vineyard has grown to include nearly 11 acres of various red and white grapes with plenty of room for further expansion.

We opened our tasting room with the first vintage of Shadow Springs wine in the summer of 2008 and truly believe our wines have been improving each year since.


In 2011 we purchased the old Buck Shoals Vineyard and Winery.  After some renovations and updates, this acquisition gave us two new businesses to run - our sister vineyard Windsor Run Cellars, as well as a giant winery complete with one of North Carolina's first legal liquor stills.

Today, Shadow Springs sells around 2,000 cases of wine each year at our tasting room from grapes grown on site and processed half a mile down the road at our winery.


We hope that you find as much enjoyment drinking our wines as we did throughout the process of creating them


The Johnson family